Our Logo

Perhaps you’ve seen pictures which appear to be one image, but, if you look longer, all of a sudden another image is recognized.  Our Emmaus Logo is like that.

At first glance, the logo does represent to some degree what we do.  There is a roof line or land form on the top with perhaps an arched opening in the middle since we are in the housing and land business.  The “e” certainly could stand for “e”xcellence.  And that is accurate, too.




However, our Logo represents another, more important, image.  One based on a story in the Bible, found in Luke 24:13-35, known as On the Road to Emmaus

Now when some hear a business claiming to be ‘Bible based’, they might want to run the other way.  But, please, read on for a minute.  In the story Jesus had just risen from the dead and was walking with some disciples, who didn’t recognize Him, to the town of Emmaus.  Jesus talked with them and shared the truth of the stories of the Bible and their connection to current events.  He told them about His death and His glorious resurrection from the tomb. 

He told how He was broken out of love for them.
Then, all of a sudden, they recognized Jesus.


The Garden Tomb 


That is our hope and why our Logo is what it is – that in your encounter with our companies, you see past us and recognize Jesus.   While Christians are a work in progress and may disappoint you, Jesus never will.  He is looking for you!  Once you see Him, nothing will ever look the same.  You will see the empty tomb, like the one in our logo, and know this truth is for “e”ternity.


If you want to talk with someone about seeing Jesus, contact us or call 1-888-Need-Him.